Credit: Cotton made in Africa / Aid by Trade Foundation.


What distinguishes Fynch-Hatton nationally and internationally are high quality, sophisticated workmanship and exciting details. And of course our philosophy: to design collections that are special and give you the opportunity to be perfectly dressed at all times. Our brand is dedicated to the British Denys Finch Hatton, who as a safari guide, farmer and pilot in Africa has skillfully combined a spirit of adventure with English luxury. At home in the world, he has shaped his time like few others. This special relationship is symbolized by the umbrella acacia in our logo. It is the typical tree of the African savannah and thus stands for the fascination that this region has always exuded. Fynch-Hatton is the freedom to live your own style. But not at the expense of others. That is why we are very conscious of our responsibility, of our responsibility towards our employees, producers and of course our environment. Sustainability is a very important aspect of our actions. Fynch-Hatton therefore pays attention to environmental compatibility, social aspects such as fair wages, safety at work and good working conditions when producing clothing. Long-term supplier relationships and close, lasting and fair partnerships are therefore very important to us. The inspiration that Fynch-Hatton draws from the great continent of Africa motivates us to give something back in regular projects with Welthungerhilfe. Further information about Welthungerhilfe.



Credit: Cotton made in Africa / Aid by Trade Foundation.

Fynch-Hatton products stand for a high-quality input of goods. However, in the sense of "sustainability" we live by, quality is not only recognizable in the product, but should be visible throughout the entire supply chain, i.e. we know about the brand yarns used (keyword: toxic substances / environment) and about our production.

  • We have long-term supplier relationships (in some cases longer than 20 years) and know the productions personally from "inside".
  • We guarantee that orders are not passed on to subcontractors.
  • We guarantee that "human rights" stand above all else and that people are neither beaten nor children used in production.
  • Good working conditions, safety, the exclusion of "harmful substances" and social aspects are given in our productions.

We also pay attention to the following points:

  • All plants are BSCI certified.
  • All plants are subject to our Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct not only includes fair treatment of people, but also fair treatment of animals. Our new campaign with sustainable pop-ups made of recycled cardboard from August 2019 against cruel poaching supports this.
  • All plants comply with the European "Pollutant Law" => Keyword: "Reach Regulation" (EG No. 1907/2006).
  • We are socially committed as a "Partner for Africa" and support the Welthungerhilfe in the construction of wells, or the reactivation of wells that are no longer functioning.
  • In our timing we consider the use of slow-moving ships instead of environmentally harmful shipment by air and thus pay attention to a reduced CO2 emission.
  • Every employee already separates his waste into cardboard / paper and residual waste at his desk in our headquarters in Mönchengladbach.
  • Durability, the durability of our textiles, is a decisive factor for sustainability. We do not produce disposable textiles. The return rate due to quality defects tends towards "0".
  • The yarns used are quality yarns, such as SUPIMAor organic cotton yarns.
  • We are currently working on a reduction of plastic in the packaging of men's shirts.
  • Furthermore, as an owner-managed company we stand for fair treatment of our partners!
  • At Fynch-Hatton, quality in the sense of sustainability is not only product quality, but the qualitative consideration of the entire chain... starting with the yarn selection up to the individual employee workplace.

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