Of sweaters and cardigans: Fynch-Hatton knits what men like

Whether with a classic crewneck, zipped troyer collar or button facing, our men's sweaters and cardigans will convince you with their timeless charm. They combine clearly defined shapes, colors, patterns and characteristic details. They underline the puristic but at the same time dynamic look & feel of the label. And the best thing is: Our knit styles can be integrated nonchalantly into every man's wardrobe. From urban cool for the urban jungle to casual Friday in the office.

We use high-quality natural fibres such as cotton, merino wool or cashmere to produce our knitted sweaters and cardigans. As a rule, all styles are kept in one color and worked in fine knit or coarse knit. But also plait patterns, trend designs or melange effects are part of the standards. Elaborate details top the look without overloading it. Just typical Fynch-Hatton. In the end, a unique wearing comfort is combined with consistent design as a perpetual promise to our customers.

Magic of a design: The unmistakable signature of Fynch-Hatton

All knitted sweaters and cardigans are characterized by a typical, specially created by and for Fynch-Hatton. Our sweaters are knitted to shape and size, the individual parts are connected by interlinked stitches - all by hand, without any machine intervention. Only the finest yarns are used for the production. Thus, sweaters like cardigans keep their shape and are extremely hard-wearing.

Uncomplicated, fashionable, masculine - from vision to collection

We at Fynch-Hatton combine a carefree attitude to life with a spirit of adventure and the multifaceted colors of Africa in our range. It all started with simple sweaters and an embroidered umbrella acacia - a typical African tree from the savannah - which from then on was to symbolize the fascination of untouched landscapes.

The label founded by Roger Brandts is dedicated to the British bon vivant and Africa traveler, Denys Finch Hatton, who naturally combined his hunger for exciting adventures with cultivated, English luxury. It is precisely this passion that is reflected today in all Fynch-Hatton garments. Because we make men's clothing in premium quality with a clear, modern and honest statement. So to speak, exquisite essentials for the gentleman of today at a price everyone can afford.

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