Plenty of fabric for a classic - Polo Shirts from FYNCH-HATTON

FYNCH-HATTON's men's polo shirts are sporty, casual and comfortable. They are mainly made of pure cotton in a casual fit to give the wearer a constant feeling of comfort. Occasionally, there are models made of cotton blends that are characterized by added stretch, for example. Some selected styles are designed in a modern fit and fit more figure-hugging. Either way, FYNCH-HATTON brings the feel-good factor into each of its polo shirts.

It's all in the details or the art of special features

In addition to the versatile basic variants that can be combined in a variety of ways, FYNCH-HATTON creates men's polo shirts that duly express the label's unrestricted love of detail. From specifically placed tape applications and fake velour to loops or accentuating rivets, there are elements for every taste.

The characteristic men's polo version made of finely textured piqué comes with a wide variety of collar solutions - classically ribbed or made of shirt fabric, sometimes underlaid with varying fabrics, sometimes completely clean. A common feature is the button panel with two or three buttons. The piqué polo shirts are visually characterized by varying stripe patterns, minimal prints or opulent safari prints, mottled or two-tone designs.

FYNCH-HATTON: the look and feel of a globetrotter for the modern man

Like every single style of the label, the polo shirt tells the story of FYNCH-HATTON's lived dream - stylish fashion combined with the carefree feeling of freedom and adventure. The role model: Denys Finch-Hatton, whose heart belonged to the vastness of Africa. He was an aristocrat, a sports pilot and loved nature and safaris. And his English elegant style of dress could be wonderfully combined with all those adventures. It is this spirit that FYNCH-HATTON uses to create stylish clothing for the gentleman of today.

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